Dating feels like a chore

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Takes WAY to much effort. Is this a sign that im unsocialble? This is the first time dating outside of my network of friends Is this because i havent met the right person, im not ready?

Male friend feels dating is a chore, it's impacting his dating prospects?

Im just trying to figure out why im having these feelings. The only desire i have is sexual right now. I also have this problem where i enjoy sex more with people i wont be committed with. Or having sex with these guys, cause im not!

Particularily for the reasosn that your all preaching, last time i had sex was valentines day how cliche with my boyfriend. I cant be offended because this is a websit and shows minimal amounts of who i am in real life, however, my last comment about sex was just the fact that IN MY MIND, i want sex but i dont want a realtionship.

Yes i have had sex Yes i have had sex more than once with guys with no intention of a relationship, however that does not in any way reflect my level of self respect.

Male friend feels dating is a chore, it's impacting his dating prospects? - guyQ by AskMen

That was not the point of my question either. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? All I can say is maybe you should rethink you're emotions. Who gives a sh-t if you can't connect ,quit jerking people around.

Is it normal to feel like dating is a chore?

Tell them you want to have a good time, then don't call you ,you will call them if you feel the desire to see them again. Use protection and be careful. I hope you work it out and not catch anything. A more safer version go to electronics and wait for someone to spark your interest. That's the safest way. Life is too sweet to rap it up in an emotional cluster f--k.

Love ya for being honest. Don't ever want to know you! I'm a guy and I stopped dating because there is so much effort involved in not only the energy in directing the conversation, but planning the date, spending my hard earned money, having to call her a few days later! The worst is when I do all this work and she doesn't even repay the favor by having sex with me. When that happened that was the straw that broke the camel's back I go down to Tijuana Mexico, Adelita Bar I see your problem is a controlling issue you have to deal with.

As evident by your post comments to the question, you feel the need to have the last word and even though you give the persona you happy with yourself, you care what others think.

Even those you don't know. Now just imagine what your life would be like if you took all that work and channeled it into being happy in your own life and with yourself. That would be freaking insane, hey? You know what, it might have the unintended side effect of attracting women, though. Since we illogical creatures are often drawn to happiness and not neediness. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me. Originally Posted by Brian Because it is a chore, unless you have something exceptional going on. For example, if you have a 13" personality you don't struggle to find women, or if you make 6 figures or if you look like, say, this guy.

No hoops to jump through then, trust me. Originally Posted by Ufcrocks It's seems like a chore because all you are focused on is the end result.

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Dating is just a means to the end which is the woman, rather than an end itself. It can never be fun if you think of it like that, unless the thrill of getting a result is stronger than the dislike of having to go through the tribulations of the journey getting the result. Which in most guys case regarding dating and making themselves attractive, it isn't. I keep seeing guys say things like "You have to be extraordinarily this or extraordinarily that just to impress some chick, etc etc", but I'm like " You should want to be extraordinary irregardless of what she thinks!

Once again - I say it many times - stop taking dating so seriously. It will only piss you off if you do. If you attach such a serious mindset towards it and seeing anything towards improving your dating life as "a chore, effort and unnecessary", then you are going to keep having an unhappy time dating and you will consistently be passed over for guys who do not think that way and actually have a happier time dating.

And sure, it's easy to go "but they are successful, that's why they are happy", but what if it's the other way around? Is it so illogical? Maybe it is, but attraction and dating itself, is HIGHLY illogical - accepting that is a key towards actually being able to navigate the dating world better. Try not taking it so ridiculously seriously - not attaching such importance to it such as to see it as a chore.

For the record, ThaWholigan is someone I would jump in a heartbeat. I vaguely know what he looks like from one pic a while ago, and I have no idea what his "net worth" is, nor do I know his penis size. But hey, what do I know? I'm only a woman who's had relationships.

So, when it comes to going out on a date, turn your dial, from "Find the One" to "Know Somebody.

Should I Be Dating If I’m Depressed?

So go in without expectations, or at least not ones that are set so high. That way, you create a win-win scenario. One way to rid your expectations on dates is to turn your dial to "Know Somebody. And leave it there through the entire date. This is not inauthentic, either: Or maybe you find a friend that will play a huge role in your life. Or maybe you will never see this person again. The take away is the opportunity to experience a new person, and hopefully learn something about yourself. Finally, focus less on your mental checklist Many people get excited about finding a partner that seems to check the boxes of what qualities they are looking for in an ideal partner.

And how someone makes you feel, even on a given evening, is a great indicator of their ability to create a space for you to grow. As long as they are being authentic on the date, you are getting a small taster spoon of what a relationship with this person could feel like.

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