Dating for the blind

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For that, we can thank Helen Keller. Just kidding. But the whole face-feeling stereotype did start with her.

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Let me assure you, it was far worse than saying no would have been. I do just fine learning about someone by spending time with them. He talked all about his love for sports and his workout routine. When I grabbed his left arm for sighted guide, a.

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On the other hand, out of sight, out of mind? Even after being together for more than two years with my last boyfriend, I had to be in his physical presence, talking to him, holding his hand, feeling his energy, before I even felt a desire to kiss him hello. Basically, being blind is a big filter for jerks.

10. Relationships matter because we're people and we matter.

For this reason and others, I try to take things at my own pace. Do what makes you feel comfortable, but do whatever makes you feel safe first. There are the right people for right times, and the right people for the wrong ones. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all give and take. Sign up for our newsletter to get the best of VICE delivered to your inbox daily.

Follow Molly Burke on YouTube and on her website. Some of the larger dating sites pride themselves on their scientific approach to matchmaking. It seems it's no longer enough to rely on the possibility that you and your date will just "click". You've got to trust in the science of attraction. But what do we really know about creating chemistry between two people? Many studies suggest we've got a greater chance of success if we choose a partner with the same religion, who lives close to us, with roughly the same attitude to money, bringing up children and politics. Then there are the physical factors that influence attractiveness — we tend to select a partner who we judge to be as good-looking as we see ourselves.

Dating a Blind Girl... What's it like?! Boyfriend's Perspective - Lucy Edwards

Beyond that, it all gets a little silly — and sexist. Researchers at the University of Westminster found that when men were hungry, they were more likely to be attracted to women with higher BMIs. A separate study revealed that women consistently rated the same man more attractive when he was pictured behind the wheel of a Bentley convertible, rather than a Ford Fiesta. No doubt you've heard that wearing red is meant to signal sexual availability, but did you know that having a facial scar can enhance a man's attractiveness?

Oh, and researchers in Texas believe that "a positive correlation of function-word [personal pronouns, articles and conjunctions] similarity" signals the likelihood of a good match.

Alligator wrestling, or swimming with sharks, probably aren't the best ideas for a first date, but apparently people tend to find high-risk behaviours more attractive. However, this only applies when the activities remind us of our hunter-gatherer ancestry. So driving without a seatbelt or not bothering to update antivirus software doesn't count. This is all great trivia, but unlikely to have much bearing on your real experiences of dating unless you're going on some very unusual dates.

It's also worth remembering that studies such as the ones above are, more often than not, based on a sample of volunteer students in the psychology department. Some of the principles identified in heterosexual research may carry across, but until more research is done we won't know for sure.

But what about the more established "facts" about dating — the ones we've all heard of make lots of eye contact, laugh at their jokes? Are they worth paying attention to? But crucially, this is when you perform these behaviours in a natural way without too much conscious effort. Once you start deliberately mimicking the other person, forcing your laughter, and carefully planning an arm touch, the chances are that you'll end up seeming odd.

So, perhaps not then. But still, there's something very seductive about the idea that we may be able to change our fate with the right choice of outfit or a well-timed joke. And then if it all goes wrong, we can blame the experts, rather than ourselves.

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So, nearly dates later, what can we glean from the experiences of the Guardian's Blind Daters? Avoid shellfish. Not one, not two, but three dates were derailed by bits of flying lobster, so it's best to play safe and avoid altogether. If we sent you to a seafood restaurant, we're very sorry.

And if your date has just told you she's allergic to shellfish, it's probably best not to order the prawns and the crab, Archie.

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You might think you're on safe ground with a fellow Guardian reader, but you'd be wrong. So what can you talk about? Perhaps just remember to ask your date one or two polite questions, rather than launch into a monologue about your childhood. A cup of tea is a euphemism for "I do not want to see this person again, but I am too polite to say so. Think about your compliments. Followed by 'don't worry, I love my sister'," said Andrew. Unsurprisingly, Catherine wasn't all that sure she wanted to see him again. Serving staff are the enemy. Not really, your waiter or waitress is probably very nice but you may be in competition with them for your date's affections.

Any regrets, Jessica? Your date is not the enemy. Although you wouldn't know it from some of our Blind Dates. Others, though, have a better philosophy. That made the whole thing easier. Be single. It should really go without saying — however, more than one of our Blind Daters appeared to be suspiciously attached.

It Happened One Night (Adventures in Blind Dating Book One)

At least some were big enough to own up. I realise this makes me sound a bastard. I'm sorry. Beware of bellydancers. Or burlesque dancers. The sudden appearance of semi-naked women presented a challenge for several Blind Dates, but most remembered where to look. Perhaps if he'd bought them it would have been an 8.

Want more inspiration?

Don't give up. Gavin Stamp, one of our Blind Daters from got in touch to tell us that he was now happily married "after getting back in touch with someone I met for the first time at a wedding in Eight years elapsed between our first and second meetings, so people should never give up hope about finding or rediscovering their soulmate.

How we date now For the first time since records began, more of us are single than not. Dating at any age. Topics Dating Blind date.

dating for the blind Dating for the blind
dating for the blind Dating for the blind
dating for the blind Dating for the blind
dating for the blind Dating for the blind
dating for the blind Dating for the blind
dating for the blind Dating for the blind
dating for the blind Dating for the blind

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